Sam (chibi_usa65) wrote,

TUES 19TH MAY, 2014

kitchen thoughts this morning:

"Uni's over bitch. Clean up your shit. No excuses..."

(My thoughts this morning during the kitchen, while making breakfast and noticing all my housemate's washing up piled on the worktop. Thought in a joke kind way; Non serious)


Walking to and from the shop, I was very thoughtful.
I was thinking about my life, who I am, and what my future may possibly hold.
I do think a lot, but I was thinking about what I could do in terms of a job or possible career.
I don't think I want to go into a career based around art, that was never really the plan.

I like to help people.

I try and help others grow, or learn new skills, and to make them happy. I also try and do this whenever and wherever I can.
Maybe it's because I'm a humanitarian, that I feel the need for a job where I can be helping or teaching others.

But then I suppose you may be thinking
"What do I actually do for myself?"

I actually do a lot for myself, but maybe not in the conventional ways that one would. I like to dress smart, take care of my body, eat healthy, exercise, take time out, chill out with my friends.
Those things may be small things, but they make me happy.
I'm an individual, and not a generic human being.

I've also been thinking about myself a lot since I watched the film 'Like father,Like son'.
Are my abilities due to genetics, or are they learnt?
Was I like an empty sponge when I was born, waiting to absorb information?
Or were many of my attributes pre-programmed?
I wonder, would my life had been different if I had been raised in a different atmosphere, or would I still be the same, thinking the same thoughts with the same abilities?

From what I know, atmosphere is actually a large part of how a child develops in this world, so my guess is, if it had been different, so would had I.

I feel like I'm just starting to learn a lot of things now.
I know, It sounds silly.
I wasn't brought up in a big city.
Moving away has taught me a lot, and I feel that I will always be learning.
I don't think people ever stop learning in life.
Like art, there's never a goal to reach where you can master a talent. You can be very good, professional even, but you'll never know everything to know about it.

Today I've been indoors for the majority...slept very well last night, in fact overslept due to a late night.
I'll be skipping the shower tonight I think and just heading to bed.
Two showers a day can be a little much sometimes anyway.

Thought I'd write down my thoughts while they're here.
I'm extremely tired, but there's so much I want to do right now.
Bedtime is winning right now though...

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