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As usual, I think about life.
I think about life a lot.
These past few weeks , no exception.

Like, just walking up or down my road. I pass people, and I wonder who they are, where they are going, and what their lives are like. Do they stand for the same beliefs as I do? Do they care about human rights or are they living blissfully in ignorance?

Just think, if all these people stood up against the system and voiced a strong opinion about whats wrong and right, then we might actually get somewhere. Problems with this is, that people don't really care, and would rather just 'get on with it' and stay ignorant to the obvious problems and struggles of those less fortunate to themselves.

The other problem is that not everyone believes in the same justice system, and that's where we have conflicts arising.

Should it be fair that murderers in jail are entitled to get married but if you're gay it's strictly prohibited?

Should it be fair that Dark skinned women are oppressed on a daily basis because of white supremacy and domination?

Should it be fair that there are people starving in countries but we cannot help as we are wasting more money on promoting the issues than actually dealing with them. Not to forget the middle man which is a barrier in making change.

Just some of the issues of our world that I think about daily. These are such examples, of a whole umbrella of thoughts I think about daily - these are larger scale subjects which have an offspring of about 10,000,000 other issues sprouting from them.

I want to help. I need to help. How will this world ever change if there are things that could be done and I'm not doing them? Yes I was born white, yes I have that automatic 'white privilege' but I want equality. I want my friends who are non-white to be treated the same way. To not have to get up in the morning and worry about walking down the street or facing abuse or to be told your a 'lesser' race because of something arbitrary such as skin colour.

I read a quote somewhere that race is not biological. It's a social construct. There are actually not sufficient distinct biological differences to deem a difference. We all look different, but on the inside we are all human.

Asians shouldn't be stereotyped into one group of "chinese" people just because of an epicanthic fold of the eyelids. The media has tainted this so much that some asian people are even resorting to eyelid surgery to look more western. I think it's an outrage. We should respect culture and people for who they are and live in peace.

We don't all need to look western , or white.
Media tells us otherwise though.

I've chose to break away.

I have never liked the system, and I've been told when I was a lot younger that "that's just the way is is, always has been, and you can't change it."
Well, maybe i can't alone, but I can try, just by by spreading my thoughts and ways of diversity. I want to make people think. Maybe I can do this through art, or just vocally.

If a man wants to wear a dress, let him, if a person feels they don't fit in with stereotypical gender roles, then that's not your business, if a dark person wants lighter skin or a light person wants darker skin, then let them BUT DON'T let it be for the reason that media tells you have to be this fake vision of beauty.

Everyone has a different perception of beauty.
I don't believe beauty  is limited to white and black. Dark is beauty. Light is beauty. Beauty is the world we live in, and it's up to us to help it flourish, not tear down, or drain it's natural resources.

Whats silly is, that people don't realise we are endangering our own species by doing so.

I think I'm going on a bit now. So that's my thoughts for today.

After uni...

This worries me, but this is the last year of uni, and I want to make sure I will leave with a secure plan ahead. I don't want to return back to my parent's house with a degree, no money, and nowhere to live.

I want to make something of my life, and I want to teach. I want to teach others art, so they can also express their freedom be themselves. So they can feel their own personal freedom, or share with others.
Art is a freedom like no other.
To teach would be rewarding, and a worthwhile job for me.

So my way forward would be to get funding for a PGCE, and I would like do do a masters, and then onto a PHD.
It will cost a lot, and take a lot of time, but I want to make something of my life.
I just need to figure out what order I need to do these in.

I do not want to return home permanently. I want to live in London, or move away completely.
It's expensive, but I believe in myself and I believe I can make this happen.
This is a very long post, but there's a lot on my mind.

Right now, I need to be starting on a 8,000 - 10,000 worded essay for my dissertation.
I also have another main project, which is on racism and stereotypes in media.
So, I will end my journal post for today right here.
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